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As a child of German and Irish parents, I was taught how to tough out any circumstances that come my way! When the world tilted in March I had to figure out, like all of us, how to find the silver lining in the Covid Crisis. My survival instinct kicked in and cooking and creating ensued. Today, let me introduce you to my new decorative home collection, “Mermaid Musings”. Fashioned from leather, stones, suede cords, handmade paper and/or metal, Mermaid Musings is tactile, elegant and fun. I am both humbled and proud to tell you that my collection has been accepted for inclusion in Maye River Gallery in Old Town Bluffton, South Carolina.

My albums are actually small journals; no need to feel as though you’re writing a tome! Your musings, photos, and drawings can be cherished inside these handmade paper and leather albums, embellished with beads, stones and/or feathers. 

Please enjoy musing with me. All items in this collection are one of a kind and cannot be exactly replicated.