You're One of a Kind

Wear What Makes You Happy
Going back to an earlier post, we talked about how if you look great, you feel great. (You can find that post here.) But what happens when you feel great? Do you also look great? The answer is yes! Your wardrobe should inspire you and make you feel happy. The adage “if you look great, you feel great,” can work both ways—and it's all about a statement piece.

What Am I Talking About?Think of some of your favorite things. (Yes, the song from “The Sound of Music,” is now in my head too—you’re welcome.) But seriously, think about your favorite things in your wardrobe. Is it a watch that you inherited from a loved one? Is it a comfy vintage sweater you found at Goodwill years ago? Maybe it’s a handmade bag you found in another country? These things all have something in common: they are one of a kind. Things that are one of a kind make us feel great; they make us feel special. Why? No one else has them! We can feel trendy and one of a kind. In turn, wearing these pieces makes us feel confident.

A Challenge
When you’re getting dressed each morning, try to incorporate one item that makes you feel great. Look for those one-of-a-kind pieces or pieces tied to a memory. You’ll be more in tune with your inner fashion goddess as well as feel amazing.


If your wardrobe is lacking that passion, go shopping! Try finding unique pieces that no one else has. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.


Mermaid Musings
At Agabhumi, we have many pieces that are one of a kind. Yes, seriously, there isn’t and won’t be another one like it. Shop for them here before they’re gone. Most recently, we have created a line of cell phone bags and they are the perfect piece to make heads turn and to make you feel like something special (click on the link above or on the pictures to score one!). Each bag is unique and perfect for holding a cell phone along with your other must-haves. They are hand made by yours truly.


Now go, shop! And stay tuned for our next post.


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