Sleeve It Alone

"Sleeves Only” is my answer to layers that meet your needs without overheating you on days that start out cold and stay that way or start out chilly and become a nice warm day. The evolution of this product was born not just from my needs but that of my customers. “Please give me sleeves!” Was the Facebook Messenger plea from a friend in Nashville. “I hate my upper arms” she exclaimed, so I went to work on the best way to cover and comfort. For more information about the design aesthetic of Agabhumi, check out our previous blog posts.


Feel Great, Look Great

Like every other design for Agabhumi, it starts with great fabric. Our cotton/Lycra is the Ironman of materials because of it’s comfort, wash ability, and stability. I’ve made them in both a thumb cutout version and without, for just a finished sleeve look. I prefer the thumb style because it makes me feel like a superhero; don’t ask me why--it just does

If the Sleeve Fits...

I’ve been asked, where/why/how would I wear the sleeves only? I love the look of a yoga ensemble with the sleeves to keep you warm in a cool studio, or if you want to sweat even more in that Bikram hot yoga class. That poncho you love will be even more comfy without the weight of long sleeves so wear your Agabhumi cami and slay your look with our sleeves. And when asked, “I wouldn’t know where to store them”, my response was a cheeky, “In your lingerie drawer, of course!” Yes, wherever you find the look suitable it will suit you well.Check them out here. And don't forget to stay tuned for next week's post! We have exciting new products to show!


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