Inward, not Outward

Last week, we talked about how picking clothes that you love can make you feel great. In case you missed it, check it out here! If you're wondering how I become inspired to create pieces that make me feel amazing, look no further.

I address each upcoming season by looking inward, not outward. I ask myself, “What’s missing from my wardrobe that will make getting dressed each day fun and fabulous?”. A great example of this product development method is my new design, “The Chicky.” It's the best way to get a crisp white blouse effect without the hassle. Here’s how this great new top evolved.


Always a fan of layering, my standard go to for that first layer is an Agabhumi t-shirt or tank top. I’ve designed these basics to fit beautifully, feel wonderful and wash perfectly. But what if I want a look that says, “I’m feeling like a pop up collar and a French cuff”? Left to deal with a white blouse with the front placket that always adds bulk, I take a pass.
Not one to be left wanting, I make it happen, thus, “The Chicky” was born. I’ve married the body of our comfy cotton/Lycra tank top with the French cuff sleeves and pop up collar of a white cotton blouse. The body is in black, giving you a great stand alone top as well as providing you with a beautiful first layer.

You’ll love the versatility, an Agabhumi hallmark, and the comfort of a fitted blouse without the bulk. Doesn’t hurt to also have a wardrobe staple that’s an easy look for those business zoom calls! You’ll impress with this collar and cuffs ;).

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